Thursday, January 21, 2010


Must I state that this was a Fabio request or is it obvious? ;)

A movie with the word zombie in its title is not something I would normally watch, but in a relationship one must make compromises and after Bright Star, I owed him one. I must admit that Zombieland was quite funny at times and although not in my usual genre, I did laugh more than once.

A brief plot summary: The world has been devastated and is inhabited only by blood-loving zombies. There are few "normal" people left. Woody Harrelson plays a tough, streetwise cowboy who drives a huge 4x4 and enjoys killing zombies and eating Twinkies. He picks up Columbus, played by Jesse Eisenberg (who I confused with the actor from Juno thus losing a costly bet for a sushi dinner) and the two form an awkward friendship or rather coexistence. In order not to get too friendly Woody says that he doesn't want to exchange names, only where they're from- therefore Columbus and Tallahassee.

They decide to journey together, Columbus trying to survive- in fact he has a rather funny list of survival tips that are interspersed throughout the film with immediate examples of what happens if you don't follow the rules- and Tallahassee searching for Twinkies. Along the way they encounter and are repeatedly conned by two sisters, one of whom is played by Abigail Breslin from Little Miss Sunshine and more recently, My Sister's Keeper. They go by the names Wichita and Little Rock.

The ultimate funniest scene is towards the middle and takes place in a Beverly Hills mansion with a surprise appearance from an actor who apparently isn't supposed to be named. I will not spoil the fun but just say that these 15 minutes or so are very funny and were by far my favorite part of the movie. That and a scene where Columbus' hot neighbor comes over and he thinks she likes him only to discover she is a zombie too and is there to savagely murder him. I realize it sounds quite juvenile but the scene was very amusing.

The rest of the killing zombie and action parts were a bit too obvious and disgusting for my taste but as Fabio said, this horror comedy cannot be taken literally. If done so, Zombieland can be an enjoyable, albeit peculiar, adventure.

My rating: 4.5
Fabio's: 8.5
Total score: 13

To my followers and readers: I am leaving to Paris for a long weekend so there will be no more movie watching or reviews for the next couple of days. Thank you for your continued or new loyalty!

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